Remember, while you are ending your marriage, the relationship you and your spouse have with your children continues. One household may become two, but you still must work together to ensure their well-being. They are casualties of divorce too. Their peace of mind is vital in child custody and support matters.

Creating A Template For The Next Chapter Of Your Life

Avoiding family law litigation is an important first step in serving your children's best interests. Proactive steps can help to minimize the disruption that comes with the end of your marriage.

Attorney Goldstein recognizes the importance of early intervention in a divorce. Using his many years of legal experience, and having been divorced himself, Attorney Goldstein seeks to avert crisis and negotiate early agreements. When needed, Attorney Goldstein fights for your rights in court.

Whether you are considering ending your marriage, going through the divorce process or helping a friend during a difficult time, you need proper guidance. Divorce Lawyer Cafe provides information, education and news to help you make it through life-changing events.

Help from the Law Office of Jerome N. Goldstein, Esq., does not end after visitation, alimony and property division are finalized. Over time, the schedules and needs of your children change. By mapping out your future, we can help ease the process of custody and support modifications as life goes on.

Protect Your Rights And The Peace Of Mind Of Your Children

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