Motorcycle accidents are particularly tragic due to the rarity of the motorcyclist being responsible for a collision. In the aftermath of a crash, at-fault car and truck drivers will claim that they never saw the motorcycle. The injuries that result are usually severe, life changing, and too often fatal.

At the Law Office of Jerome N. Goldstein, Esq., we fight to maximize compensation for accident victims suffering physical and emotional trauma.

Dedicated And Diligent Legal Advocacy Following Life-Changing Events

As a motorcyclist, you likely recognize that caution is key. You also know first-hand how unlikely it is to properly operate your bike while texting or checking social media. Car and truck drivers are more likely to take one hand off the wheel. That leads to distractions with a driver focusing on their mobile device instead of their surroundings.

In the split second it takes for someone to take their eyes off the road, your life changes.

Attorney Goldstein enjoys a network of skilled and successful litigators who help build strong, fact-based injury claims. With attention to every detail, we gather the evidence necessary to prove negligence and the short- and long-term physical and financial impact.

Securing Justice By Maximizing Compensation

Insurance companies are not your ally. They gladly take your premium payments, yet refuse to pay valid personal injury claims. Their goal is to minimize the compensation you are entitled to receive. Our job is to secure every dollar you deserve for the losses you have suffered.

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